كتب ناصر قنديل Nasser Kandil wrote: Russian – Iranian calmness
  • Many people fear that the calmness in the Russian –Iranian reaction comparing with the American one is an expression of an attempt to avoid the confrontation with Washington or a kind of fear towards the American rhetoric and the threats of war, or a change in the position which committed to confront every US military action that targets Syria.
  • Those who follow-up the US threats quickly pay attention to the inappropriate language which lacks the ethics and the diplomatic speech of the presidents, because  if there is a war, there is no need for such provocative words which have one justification; to have verbal debates that reflect the interest in threat.
  • Russia, Iran, and the resistance act in the field as if the war is imminent, taking their time before the last image becomes clear in the preparation for the reactions, their positions, and their sizes, and drawing scenarios for every assumption of aggression.
  • In politics the calmness is an expression of leaving the raging bull committing more mistakes alone, while seeing that the opposite party is not concerned with its threats or even fearing them, or facing them with similar ones, just being satisfied with the legal and the warning words of the consequences of such ill-advised illegal hasty acts.
  • If the bull calms down in the ring, it is easy to get it out of it, but if it starts to rage it will be punished quietly without screaming till it is convinced that it is unable to continue the fight.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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