كتب ناصر قنديل Nasser Kandil wrote: Russian messages to the Americans
  • Within one week, and despite the accumulation of events in which the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov participated, and the difference of their files, he was insisting on issuing statements and positions that focus on criticizing the Americans and their role in Syria.
  • In one of his statements, Lavrov accused the Americans by providing direct support to ISIS in Deir Al-Zour.
  • Lavorv accused the Americans of supporting the attack of Al Nusra on the sites where the Russian advisors where present and caused the death of some of them, and of inciting of Al Nusra to open the front of Hama and its countryside to hinder the progress of the Syrian army in Deir Al-Zour.
  • In other statements, Lavrov accused the Americans that they did not contribute in any serious level in the war on ISIS in Syria.
  • Lavorv said in other statements that the US presence in Syria is illegitimate and it will not be legitimate, so they must leave because their presence was not cover by an undemanding with the legitimate government.
  • Lavrov declared that the US presence in Al Tanf base on the Syrian-Iraqi –Jordanian borders is playing a destructive role in achieving the stability in Syria.
  • Lavorv’s messages ensure that Moscow feels of the accelerated progress of the military and political tracks to resolve the war in Syria, and that Washington is working to delay the military and the political entitlements which make the final resolving of the war and the crisis close, because it does not want to make its forces leave Syria.
  • Moscow decided to raise its voice and to say practically to the Americans, unless you will not be a part of the facilitation, we will move without you and then you should withdraw at urgent request, and the cover on your troops will be lifted, since you know that there is those who do not welcome your stay and who are ready to translate that practically, but they refrain because Russia is granting you an opportunity of partnership in solutions.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,



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