كتب ناصر قنديل Nasser Kandil wrote: Black and white faces
  • Neither in the life nor in the afterlife the black faces and the while faces will be equal, since the blackness and the whiteness made by their owners.
  • Those who got blackened faces after getting rid of Al Nusra are those who called the killers revolutionaries, and who later fought Hezbollah for its war under the pretext of their keenness on the army and the sovereignty, they accepted the occupation of their country, the violation of the sovereignty, and the aggression against the army. They did not grant the army the blessing to get rid of ISIS, but only after Hezbollah has resolved its battle with Al Nusra.
  • The blackened faces are those who are now asking the army to get rid of ISIS without coordination with the Syrian army and Hezbollah, and this means a disaster against the army, they will profane the blood of its soldiers due to their resentment and they will sell its prestige for their cheap loyalties, they think that the America will support them and meet their desire to compete Hezbollah with a quick victory, forgetting what is going on in Raqqa comparing with what has happened in Arsal.
  • The whitened faces are the ordinary Lebanese people who do not live with complexities, they say when our land is occupied and when our sovereignty is violated then the resistance must stand beside the people and the army as one rank, it does not matter the details of distributing the roles as much as the happy ends which protect the land and the honor.
  • The whitened faces are the Syrians, who facilitated the salvation of Lebanon from this affliction and participated in paying the war tax with the resistance side by side, then they took the responsibility of the understanding by transferring the killers to Idlib, they went along with them till their arrival due to their love for Lebanon and its resistance.
  • The greeting of the leader of the resistance and to the liberated detainees and the officials of the resistance to Syria, its president, its army, and its people is some of the fulfillment to the whitened faces, so let those blackened faces live in their anger.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


عدد القراءت (555)