نقاط على الحروف Al Sayyed is besieging you, so where is the escape?

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The summary of the words of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah to the leaders of ISISI and its elements is to surrender themselves in order to be safe, there is no other choice, what has been proven by the war on Al Nusra and the coordination between the resistance and the Syrian army on one hand, and the resistance and the Lebanese army on the other hand, as well as the speed of the military performance, the skill, the superiority of the fighters, and their fiery and combating plans and their dazzling achievement are enough to know what is waiting for ISIS, and it is enough not to repeat the stubbornness and the perseverance which caused many losses of Al Nusratill reaching  the early acquiescence, but where is the escape from the siege not for ISIS but for those who feel hostility against Hezbollah from the inside and who set up traps and ambushes to it.

The siege here is intellectual and moral, entitled where is the escape, the opponents became between the defeat and the loss of their ideas and the defeat and the winning of their morals, if they choose the honorable retreat and refuse to continue the game of humiliation, and disgrace.

They have built their plan and speech on many equations and for many days, but Al Sayyed has caused their failure by the knockout in one speech and a few minutes.

One of them said before he retreated that we do not know whether the land which is liberated by Hezbollah is Syrian or Lebanese, forgetting the difference between the concept of the disputed land and the routine procedure of demarcating the borders. Al Juroud are not disputed lands, since their borders are clear, known, and agreed, moreover the Syrians and the Lebanesepeople know where are the borders, they just need appropriate security situation and political will to apply the realistic coordinates on the maps and to draw them legally, and the final signing of the records of the demarcation to be ratified duly. Therefore the first argument has fallen.

Another one said how Al Sayyed thanked Iran and blames us if we ask for a coordination between the Lebanese army and the Americans because Iran is a foreign as the Americans, so why it is taboo for us to say that. Al Sayyed has thanked Iran because it supported a Lebanese force with equipments, weapons, money, and politics, it carried out a mission on behalf of Lebanon, knowing that no one from the Lebanese especially Hezbollah objected that the Lebanese army and the Lebanese country would get Saudi money or American weapons, and they hope to get the international and the regional political support for tomorrow battle with ISIS without conditions as the case with Iran. There was not any talk about the partnership of the Iranian army in the war on Al Nusra in order some of those who pretend to be clever to talk about an American partnership in the war on ISIS. It is an impossible partnership versus possible Iranian partnership, which if Hezbollah wanted then Iran would have no problem if it is asked for a help from the Syrian side, at least as long as it is present side by side with the resistance and the Syrian army in many fronts in the war on Syria. But neither Hezbollah did nor Iran asked, while the American partnership which is desired by those who pretend to be keen on the army is impossible, because Washington can only give the air support and this is impossible in the area of processes which is considered internationally and regionally outside the range of its operations, so recalling the impossible is just to promote conditions, such as no coordination with the Syrian army or Hezbollah, because this distances the American partnership which will not take place at all.

Another one said that this achievement by Hezbollah is in order to have control on the geography in favor of the Syrian-Iranian alliance at the time of drawing the major maps. They recalled the liberation of Mosul and the Russian-American understanding in order to say that there is an Iranian annoyance from this understanding that led Hezbollah to accelerate to have control on this geography as a strong paper against the understanding, but Al Sayyed told them that we are ready from yesterday, today, and tomorrow to hand it over to the Lebanese army, and we hope that will happen soon, so that the people of Arsal can reap their seasons, so we understand from the theories of having control on geography, maps, understandings, annoyance, and acceleration what is remaining that their concern is just about Al Nusra, while the concern of Al Sayyed is towards the people of Arsal and their livelihoods.

An intelligent one among them said that the army will take over the war on ISIS, but he has ignored that he and his group have already prevented the army from that, knowing that its capability and readiness have not changed for many years from waging the war which they say that they are supporting it today. Al Sayyed has asked them why have you been enthusiastic after Hezbollah has resolved its war with Al Nusra and you have changed,? Does not this mean that if it were not for this war which was waged by Hezbollah you would prevent the army from the tomorrow war on ISIS?

Another intelligent one among them said that the army will wage the war alone, thinking that Hezbollah will say that we are partners of the army in its war, but Al Sayyed said we are with the army as it wants, if the army wants the deployment then we will be ready and if it wants us to be at the defense and detterence line we will be ready, moreover, if it wants us to be its partners in the attack we will also be ready, so another mask of intelligence has fallen.

Another one who thinks that he is smart said that the war from the Syrian side on ISIS is not needed, because it is a pretext for the intervention of Hezbollah, although he knows that half of the geography which was under the dominance of ISIS is Syrian while the other half is Lebanese, and that Syria can decide only what it wants, and that Hezbollah is supporting the Syrian army in its fighting, so the ceiling of what is required in this case is the coordination between the two wars in the two halves of the same geography in order to ease the burden, to be able to coordinate in fire, and to accelerate the accomplishment. Al Sayyed said that as long as you left the matter to the Lebanese army, so do not interfere in its decision and let it think of it well militarily and practically, so was its interest in making the burden of ISIS on its shoulder alone or by sharing this burden and besieging it from the four sides?. Therefore,this bad faith is a mistake.

Al Sayyed is besieging you by the homeland and morals, so return to them and try to raise the barricade, where is the escape?

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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