كتب ناصر قنديل Nasser Kandil wrote: I am protected by your glory
  • The first of August is the day of the Lebanese and the Syrian armies, there was no such a day in which the two people remember the meanings of the song I am protected by your glory.
  • The two armies were questioned of their capabilities and their eligibility to protect the countries against the show power of the opponent and friendly armies.
  • How the past series of events discovered that the strength of the armies is by the resolution of its leaders and the hearts of its officials and soldiers and their willingness to sacrifice.
  • The war’s plans experienced by our two countries have revealed that the destruction of the armies and their dismantling since the decision of ending the Iraqi army is the goal.
  • The armies withstand and our countries withstand, but the additive value was present in the popular resistance under different names that supports the armies and the makes sacrifices.
  • As the recognition of status and the prestige of the army was a demand to express the meaning of the commitment to the homeland, the recognition of the coordination among the armies and their integration and their participation with the popular resistance has become the condition for respecting the armies and their sacrifices.
  • On the occasion of day of the Lebanese and the Syrian armies a great greeting for the martyrs and the boasting of the achievements. Greetings to the supported popular resistance and the sacrifices of its men and a call for a public integration between the two armies, hoping to form Lebanese-Syrian –Iraqi triangle that includes the resistance and the popular crowd.
  • What is considered by Israel is the right, so do not miss the compass, this is what Israel fears a military council in the East that includes the leaders of the three armies accompanied by the leaders of the resistance, the national defense, and the popular crowd.
  • A special greeting to the great resistance fighter the General Emile Lahoud the builder of our army through its fighting doctrine, its coordination with the Syrian army, and its integration with the resistance.
  • I am protected by your glory.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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